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  • Landing Page
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For embedding Spotify Playlist

What’s Included:

  • Embedded Spotify Playlist
  • Complete landing page done-for-you Systeme.io design.
  • The template is mobile optimized
  • Fully customizable template – you can easily add your brand and personality.
  • Add your content and links, change colors, text and images.
  • Copywriting prompts within each section of the template
  • Designed opt-in to collect and grow your email list.

This template can be used for musicians in order to build their list. It also acts as a funnel hub for all their other offers.

Mobile-Optimized   |  Easy To Edit   |   Go Live In Minutes


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Last Update: October 15, 2023
Released: November 9, 2022
Features Mobile Optimized Easy To Edit Go Live In Minutes